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Belated Happy New Year!!! February 6, 2014

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Winter seems to be NEVERENDING!!!

Aren’t we supposed to be in Spring!!  Whats with all the storms and floods and wind and thunder. It seems the only light we get these days is the Lightning!!!  It’s ALWAYS so dark!!!

Anyway, that’s the whinge over with, It’s a new year here at South Coast Sales and things seems to be very very busy, which is fantastic. On a daily basis we are looking out for new ways to improve our product range and services. The amount of trips to various trade exhibitions around the world that have been booked for the boss men to visit is staggering already. However, these trips are vital to keep up to date on the latest innovations out there in our sector!

We will also be exhibiting at various shows around the country during 2014, so keep an eye out for details here and on Facebook.

So, whats new?

Well our biggest new “thing” is we have our first smart phone app designed and available to download on iTunes and android. It’s an app that can be used to measure a room for the FARHO electric heaters. It’s a simple to use app, you just enter the 3 dimensions of the room, your email, name and contact and the app will give you the recommended amount of panels you will require. An email is automatically sent to us, so we are aware of your info request and we can contact your with details of your local supplier if required.

Our sister company International Lighting is one of the first companies in Ireland to stock LED floodlights that use new SMD Technology. These lights come in sizes from 10Watt up to 150w and also a 20w and 40w are available with a sensor. These SMD fittings are the same size as the older fittings but have double the power. They are Eco friendly and extra long life, in fact you get up to 50,000 hours!!!!!  That would put an end to a dark evening / morning!!!

We have fancy new South Coast Sales Fleece’s that we hope to give away regularly via Facebook and Twitter competitions, So be sure to “LIKE” our page and tell ALL your friends to like our page aswell!!!

I hope to blog again soon and not leave it for so long the next time



The All Ireland and International Sheep Shearing and Woolhandling Championships 2013 May 7, 2013

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South Coast Sales are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the All Ireland and International Sheep Shearing and Woolhandling Championships 2013.

The event this year is being held in the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet, Co. Cork  on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of May and promises to be a great weekend for all.



How to set up Remote Management for Farho heating February 20, 2013

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Hi All,
Its been a while since we have had a chance to post here so, to help get us back into the swing of it I am going to show how to set up the remote management for the Farho Xana heaters

Watch the video below where it outlines how to install the Nexho management device. This is a pretty straight forward step in the process, having an ipad or a device with the app helps greatly.

This step is tricky and what makes it worse is that home users have different firewalls depending on your Internet provider. If you have kids in the house of a suitable age they can help with this, the work here is the same as most people have done to get an Xbox or PlayStation working over the Internet.

Find your firewall login page, you firewall is the same as your router that the ISP gives you.
It will be a box connected to phone line normally Netgear or some brand, sky or Eircom box.
The IP of the router can be go from your local PC (it is normally your gateway). Typically
Connect to the router / firewall @

Login – if you have lost this it might be written on the back of you router or you can reset or your ISP will have sent it to you.
After login you need to add a service (might be called port on old firewalls)

Be careful of the following.
Make sure you know what IP your Nexho gets (by default it it
Make sure you add a rule for both UDP & TCP to allow the Nexho service (port 6653)
Allow traffic from the Internet to the Nexho only !!!! Be carefull not to allow to other devices or to your internal network.

Important Update !!
After you have the firewall / router configured open the Nexho app on your iphone or ipad & perform these steps.

open the app
click on the icon at the TOP LEFT
You will be asked for a password, the default is nexho
click on communications
click “send data to another application”
click “resynchronize installation”
Make sure you click on “set time”
the settime is important to sync your rads so they go aff at the right time.

Hope this helps !!!
But if it doesn’t, just give us a call at 021 4346143 and we can go through the details over the phone, or send out a sales rep


Happy New Year!! January 2, 2013

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Happy 2013 everybody!!!
Well, We have returned to work this morning. There wasn’t too many tears although looking around, there are plenty of tired heads!!!
We are looking forward to the next 12 months. We are improving our range of products and services all the time and hopefully we will have something to suit everyone!


December 21, 2012

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Happy Christmas from all here at South Coast Sales.

We hope to close at 1pm today (need to finish the xmas shopping!!!)

We will re-open on Wednesday the 2nd of January 2013


How to program a Farho Heater December 20, 2012

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The video below details how to program a Farho heater.


Farho Electric Heaters – Heat where you want, when you want , at a price you can afford December 10, 2012

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Choosing a heating system is not easy and it should always meet the most demanding criteria, not only in terms of safety but also in ecology and economy.
Heat on Demand. The most important characteristic of this product is its flexibility when heating a house, office or property. You will be able to have the heat you want, when you want and where you want. The aim of the Farho system is to satisfy each individual member of a family or office allowing not only a personalised heating system, but a system that can be 100% controlled.
The XANA PLUS XP is the final word in comfort. It combines high performance features with user friendliness with an easy to operate control panel every day is fully controllable.
In programming mode, the desired temperature can be set in up to six independent operating periods for each day of the week. Twin probe technology has been designed enabling an accurate temperature reading for the temperature in question.
Fitted with cutting edge wireless control without any need for either wires or building work, the XANA XP can be controlled individually or by PC or tablet. This enables you to control all the radiators in any part of your home or workplace.
All Farho heaters come with a 10 year guarantee and are maintenance free.
The XP range can help to substantially reduce overall running costs in residential and commercial applications.
The FARHO range is the perfect system for those who want a better control of their living in order to achieve better energy efficiency


For more details on the Farho range visit


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